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Companies & Units

Companies & Units


GEEXCO has a decentralized organizational structure across all disciplines and regions. The company’s range of business areas results from adapting to market developments. Innovative themes which often extend beyond sector or regional limitations are continuously integrated into the existing GEEXCO portfolio.

GEEXCO is headed by a Managing Director assisted by a Deputy Managing Director. In its set up, the GEEXCOManagement Team include sevenTechnical Departments and four Regional Departments which are completed by five Support Units. Each Department is run by the Head of Department.

Our Technical Departments

  • Research and Socioeconomic Studies Department
  • Delegated Institutional Management Department
  • Trainings & Capacity Building Department
  • External Audit, Accounting & Management Control Department

Our Regional Departments

  • Regional Department of Africa
  • Regional department of Asia
  • Regional Department of North America, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Regional Department of Europe and Middle East

These Technical Departments and Regional Departments which some are being performed functional, are completed by five Support Units which are the following:

  • Prospecting, Public relations and Partnerships Unit
  • Administration & Logistics Unit
  • Internal Accounting & Finances Unit
  • Human Resources & Recruitment Unit

Our Organizational Chart



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