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Geexco Engineers & Experts


GEEXCO is a US based consulting company with a global scope. It is an international company with a strong internal and external growth, working with multilateral donors, international institutions, humanitarian organizations, governmental agencies, and communities to design, implement and assess innovative development projects. GEEXCO is a global network of experts and engineers offering engineering, project structuring and operations’ services to solve the world’s most complex challenges.

GEEXCO - Creating Opportunities

Based in  Maryland, the company relies on an international network of experts, partners and subsidiaries that helped implementing complex studies and projects worldwide.In this regard, GEEXCO is committed to contribute creating a better world through expertise,engineering and technical assistance to its partners and clients worldwide.

GEEXCO work ethics is based on trustful relations and straight-forward processes which help it learn alongside its clients and partners while it seizes practical knowledge applied to project management with an independent, creative and realistic approach.

GEEXCO offers a wide range of expertise and engineering, planning, socioeconomic and environmental services. Our experience includes all phases of project delivery from the planning phase to the implementation services.


Founded in 2014 by a group of US-resident experts and engineers with longstanding experience in development issues, GEEXCO is being built a reputation of not just meeting, but exceeding its client’s expectations. Our staff focuses on setting high standards for all projects, no matter how challenging, to ensure that the quality of our final products speak for themselves. GEEXCO founding Principals are actively involved in projects and they are dedicated to providing stellar service through quality planning and creative solutions

Originally aimed to provide bilateral and multilateral donors with technical support in their projects implementation in developing countries, it eventually turned out to become an effective consulting firm providing international and institutional related services worldwide.

GEEXCO – Dynamic in a World of Change

GEEXCO has a sound track record of providing effective solutions to the challenges in the global consulting market.

Leading development agencies, ministries and public clients have entrusted GEEXCO with helping them to manage projects financed through bilateral and multilateral funds. Working in cooperation with stakeholders in government, the private sector, NGOs and citizens’ groups, GEEXCO balances innovation and reliability to meet local needs.

The company’s international recognition as a dependable partner is incorporated in a set of values which focuses on performance, innovation, credibility and quality.

GEEXCO Consulting company provides outstanding services in strategic business areas which result from adapting to market developments. This change process is supported by GEEXCO units, offices and subsidiaries worldwide. Hence, new themes are continuously integrated into the existing GEEXCO portfolio. Each theme is documented in a factsheet that portrays GEEXCO services and project references.

Vision and Core Values



Our Vision is to be a unique network of highly specialized and recognized consulting companies contributing to the objectives of sustainable development and poverty reduction and being the partner of choice for clients in core business areas.

GEEXCO Mission

Our missions are to catalyze change to improve the quality of life of beneficiaries and contribute to creating a better world through expertise and engineering and technical assistance to our clients and partners across the world.

GEEXCO core values

  • Integrity: We believe that the principles of transparency and competition are the best means to prevent corrupt practices, reward quality and spread equality of business opportunities.
  • Safeguard: We operate ethically and with integrity, while prioritizing safety and security in all that we do.
  • Sustainable Vision:we design and implement our clients’ projects in paying a particular attention to climate change and sustainable development. Depending upon sustainability principles and considerations, GEEXCO encourage its experts and partners to participate in earth and future generation protection.
  • Quality: We constantly strive to ensure the highest quality for each process, together with the related inputs and outputs.
  • Diversity: We are committed to preventing and fighting discrimination of any form and recognize the high value that a diverse workforce brings in providing new perspectives on our approach to service delivery.
  • Sense of Collaboration: we build diverse teams that connect expertise to create innovative solutions. Furthermore, we develop and celebrate our people, and elevate the communities we touch.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: we are continuing by an in-depth commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society in which we are serving.
  • Anticipation: we understand the complexity of our clients’ challenges and help them see further. We grow our business through operational excellence and flawless execution.We transcend the industry by reimagining what is possible – and realizing it.
  • Over-arching Aim: we create, innovate and add value to the way we live and work in this world. Our staff on the job combined with innovative approaches and products that inspire clients' confidence and trust
  • Goals: we help our clients in every way possible to become highly competitiveby providing services of highest standard and technical excellence.

GEEXCO success key points

Based on a decentralized organizational structure across all disciplines and regions, the company’s success is deeply rooted in:

  • A strategy process and knowledge management translating latest market developments into action plans for all operational units,
  • A flexible staff recruitment and human resource development for a rapid response to market demands,
  • A conducive working atmosphere and social commitment confirmed by regular staff surveys,
  • A rigorous quality management for core operational processes enhancing project performance and customer satisfaction,
  • A solid equity stabilization safeguarding employment and knowhow, and opening up opportunities for further growth,
  • An awareness of all staff members that they benefit from the company’s success, not only as employees but also as shareholders.


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