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Engineers & Experts


Dynamic in a World of Change

Founded in 2014 by a group of US-resident experts and engineers with longstanding experience in development issues, GEEXCO is being built a reputation of not just meeting, but exceeding its client’s expectations. Our staff focuses on setting high standards for all projects.


Companies & Units

GEEXCO has a decentralized organizational structure across all disciplines and regions. The company’s range of business areas results from adapting to market developments. Innovative themes which often extend beyond sector or regional limitations are continuously integrated into the existing GEEXCO portfolio.


Working with GEEXCO


Our experience worldwide

GEEXCO regularly offers employment opportunities in different fields of development cooperation, whether related to projects overseas or to our home offices in USA. In order to ensure a professional and trustful recruitment process, GEEXCO relies on a team of human resources specialists who maintain and enhance reliable working relations with experts worldwide.

Our Recruitment Opportunities

GEEXCO is continually offering employment opportunities through cooperation with experts worldwide. In order to be included in a roster, you have to submit your cover letter and CV to one or more areas of expertise. Our management team will revert to you for further information.


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